The Viva Los Cabos Tequila Review Journal

tres tonyos, 1519, calera tequila review journal bottlesHello everyone and welcome to the Viva Los Cabos Tequila Review Journal. This journal is my attempt to describe my journey from being a  diehard scotch & bourbon whiskey drinker, into an enormous fan of tequila. To be honest, I have no idea exactly how it happened, except that one day I started reaching for a bottle of tequila as my night cap, instead of my scotch. I’m hoping each tequila review I write will provide some interesting background, and facts, about the tequila being reviewed, as well as my individual tasting notes.

Why a Tequila Review Journal?

Good question! There are a couple of obvious reasons to keep a journal on any food or

beverage related hobby, and some not so obvious personal reasons why I decided to start this journal. I’ll start with the more obvious reasons with the hope that it inspires you to keep your own review notes.

The first reason I started this journal is that I have tried so many great tequilas, and I can’t remember half of them. I didn’t take pictures of the bottle, or write down any thoughts about what I was drinking. So as I go shopping for new bottles to try, I can’t even remember the ones I didn’t like so so well. Honestly, I should have learned my lesson from my cigar collection. I didn’t keep a journal when I started that hobby either, so I had to repurchase and smoke sticks, including those I didn’t care for very much. OY VAY!

The second reason I started this tequila review journal is that it is so much fun to share notes with other tequila lovers.  I can’t tell you the number of recommendations that I have received after discussing a tequila that I was drinking. There has also been countless occasions where I couldn’t remember the darned tequila I wanted to mention, and it sure would have been nice to be able to look it up!

The third reason I decided to start this journal is a bit more complicated, and has commercial intent. I can’t get into too many details at this point, except to say that I have an idea for my own line of tequila that I promise is unlike any other tequila made today. I had the fortune to meet a renowned tequila maker at the 2017 tequila festival here in Renton, Washington. I floated just a little bit of my idea, and he invited me to Tequila to tour his distillery. I will be traveling there this year to discuss this in person! In preparation, I’m going to be trying a great number of tequilas, and, having a journal of my reviews to present provides me credibility in the space. At least, I hope it does.

Where I Get My Tequilas to Review

As of this time, 100% of the tequila I review is self purchased, or is a gift from friends or family.  I am not sponsored, nor do I receive free bottles of tequila in exchange for tasting notes. I will be certain to update this post if that should change in the future.

In terms of where I go to purchase my tequila, there isn’t one go to source that I can mention, other than Cabo, and Google. Whenever I’m in Cabo, it’s really easy to find a new bottle that I haven’t tried. There are some great tequileiras in Cabo! When I receive a recommendation, or find a bottle through research, I usually do a search to find a source that has it in the United States. I am considering adding a list of the sources I use to this page in the future.

The only brick and mortar I use here in Washington is Total Wine and More. I am within driving distance of 3 different locations, and each one has a different selection, which means I can usually find something new to try.

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