The Ridge Adult Infinity Pool at Playa Grande

the ridge adult infinity pool

View from The Ridge Adult Infinity Pool and Hot Tub. Gorgeous!

What We Love About the Ridge Infinity Pool

The first time my wife and I left San Jose del Cabo and came into town, was the year I proposed. I had already done quite a bit of research into vacation ownership because I was certain we’d want to relive the memories, and Playa Grande was the top resort I wanted to tour. The Ridge had literally just opened earlier that year!

I remember touring what owners like to call “the lower 50”, which is the original Playa Grande resort, which is absolutely beautiful, and I was most impressed with the traditional Mexican styling. However, my wife and I both also really enjoy more modern contemporary styling, and the first time we saw the pool area on The Ridge, I just knew this was the place.

We were instantly hooked, to the point we purchased a 1 bedroom that day, and booked our first week for later that year! We wanted to leave the resort where we were staying with our friends and to come hang out here! The¬†months of anticipation were¬†BRUTAL, and you’ll see why in a moment!

First, the view from this pool is spectacular. You walk out to the edge and have broad views of the pacific, Playa Grande, Terra Sol, Pedregal, and the beach. It really is fantastic. Also, the pools on The Ridge are for Ridge owners only (although they don’t strictly enforce this rule), which means it’s never AS busy as the bigger pools in Playa Grande. We’ve never had a problem finding seating, nor getting service in this area.

pacific view from the ridge infinity pool

pacific view from the ridge infinity pool

Another thing I personally like to do, is to come out to this pool late in the evening, after 9pm. I’ve never seen more than a couple people out at that time, and generally you have the pool and hot tub to yourself! I like to smoke a good cigar, but feel guilty smoking around other people, but I can come out here at night, enjoy the sounds of the Ocean (and sometimes the music at Finnestera, but it’s generally not bad, nor too loud), and take my time having a nice smoke with some good tequila.

Our Bachelorette & Bachelor Party at the Ridge Adult Infinity Pool

The very next trip we made to Cabo was for our respective parties. My wife and her 10 girl friends came from Sunday to Thursday morning, and the guys came from Wednesday night and left Sunday. Of course, since there were so many of us, we ended up upgrading the room to a 2 bedroom penthouse on The Ridge (which we subsequently purchased as the villas are just amazing!). We spent our time bouncing around from the water slide, swim up bar at the other infinity pool, and when we wanted to relax, the adult pool.


A view inland from the ridge adult infinity pool

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