The Adult Infinity Pool at Grand Solmar

A Tale of Two Pools.

Isn’t the contrast of these two photos just amazing? On the right is one of the most beautiful views from a pool you’ll ever see, and on the left, the total destruction caused by Hurricane Odile. The pool was damaged so badly that Grand Solmar decided to completely re-engineer and reconstruct the pool. They are saying it should be complete by September, 2015, which is exactly 1 year after the storm. I’m fairly certain they’re going to create some sort of additional retaining wall.

I highly recommend you click on the picture on the right and look at it in maximum resolution.I am no Photoshop expert, this picture is one that anybody could have taken using just about any camera. The waves really do crash and spray like that, the sky in the morning is really that blue, the water in the pool is really that calm; serenity in its purest form!


***UPDATE 5/17/2016***

The Adult pool is fully reconstructed, in a slightly different shape than before, but just as beautiful as ever!

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