Tequila Review: Tequila 3j Supreme Extra Anejo

Tequila Review

This tequila review is #8 in the Viva Los Cabos Tequila Journal, and today I’ll be reviewing Tequila 3J Supreme extra anejo.  This is a ultra premium offering from the Distillery Fabrica de Tequila El Eden, and is easily my favorite desert tequila. Yes, I said desert tequila. Having scoured the internet for this particular offering, I can safely say this is a very small batch, private brand. There is very little information available about this Arandas tequila.

NOM 1465, Distillery Fabrica de Tequila El Eden, is best known tequila is Frida Kahlo.

The Tequila 3J Supreme Extra Anejo Bottle

Parting from the ornate and expensive bottles which normally come with ultra premium tequilas, 3J is shipped in a decidedly simple bottle. This is part of what attracted me to it. I have often said that the thing that separates ultra premium tequilas, and premium tequilas, is the fancy bottle (hello Classe Azul Ultra).

The back of the bottle has a transparent sticker with the NOM and the usual alcoholic beverage warnings, nothing fancy there.

This is a very simple bottle, and with that, I had high hopes that the maker had decided to let the tequila “do the talking.” Fortunately, I got lucky with this one, and my instincts were correct!

The Tasting Glass

As always, all of my tastings are performed using the Glencairn glass, which is a crystal whiskey glass shaped like a traditional nosing copitas used in Scotland. It definitely helps direct the aroma up and out of the bowl. If you don’t have one of these, I highly recommend getting some kind copita nosing glass, or cognac snifter.

I have tried many tasting glasses, including many different champagne flutes, high ball glasses, and even my Nambe Tilt Old-Fashioned glass. I will say that the shop of this copitas is a superior glass for tequila tasting, and it’s worth the couple of extra bucks!


Tequila 3J comes from a crystal-clear blanco that has the classic vegetal agave aroma. This is due to the old fashioned slow baking in brick ovens, stone wheel crushing, slow fermentation, and copper pot distillation. Normally, I would go into detail about the maker, their story, and more information about the distillery. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find much information on the internet other than how the tequila was made.


Ttequila 3j colorequila 3j Extra Anejo is a beautiful golden caramel color. This is definitely not a pale extra aged tequila, as the color stands up in the light in a very clear crystal glass. I tried taking several pictures to get the color right, and this one really doesn’t do it much justice. Unfortunately I don’t have a cannon DSLR handy!


This tequila has a very strong aroma of oak, almond, and brown sugar. There is very little spicy, and NO alcohol burn, even when deeply nosing using the tall class.

tequila 3j backTaste

This tequila left no perceptible tingle on the lips. There is a distinct oiliness, that leaves a silk texture on the lips and fore tongue. There is a mild effervescence that comes on with the flavors of oak, caramel, and cherry. Truth be told, there isn’t a ton of floral agave here, which could be disappointing. However, it has the sweetness of agave nectar, and, given I plan on serving / drinking it as  a dessert tequila, this lack of agave doesn’t take anything away from its enjoy-ability.

At the mid palate, cherry, and strong presence of oaky caramel take over. I could certainly imagine drinking this with a nice high cocoa dark chocolate.

On the back of the tongue, there is a minor tequila bite. If it was for the complexity, this would be a very easy drinker for tequila novice. In fact, like I said before, it’s less of a bite and more of a effervescence. Here, a bit more agave comes through before the tequila disappears down the throat, leaving a mild tequila blanket. Here is where I wish the tequila as a higher proof. I enjoy that warming and tingling sensation that is unique to tequila.

Final Impressions

Tequila 3J Supreme Extra Anejo is a very unique, sweet, and complex tequila. It is ridiculously silky smooth, bordering on oily. The oak in used to age this tequila starts with new American oak, and is finished in aged bourbon barrels. The results is an oaky sweetness that puts this tequila in a very unique category; desert tequila! Enjoy!

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  1. Tom
    July 7, 2018 at 6:08 pm

    We just got back from a cruise and one port was Cozumel. While there, we went into the city and came across a tequila store. The lady inside offered us a sample of a couple different tequilas, one being the anejo from 3J. After talking for awhile, she offered us a small taste of the extra anejo, and WOW, my wife and I were both sold immediately! Needless to say we bought 2 bottles to bring home with us. GREAT STUFF!

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