Tequila Review: One With Life Tequila Blanco Organic

One with life tequila blanco. Nom 1480 – Tequila Las Americas. This is the 5th review in the Viva Los Cabo Tequila Review Journal

One With Life Tequila Blanco, label frontOne With Life Tequila and Distillery

I always try to dig through the marketing hype and try to find something interesting about the tequila business, and distillery. Doing the research on this tequila was a lot of fun.

First the basics. One With Life Tequila is produced for an upstate New York based company, and is owned by a woman named Lisa Beth Elovich. The tequila is USDA certified organic, and Kosher. The agave is clay oven roasted, and double distilled in stainless stell pots, then proofed to 80.

I then did some research on Tequila Las Americas, the distillery, and found an interesting story about this distillery. They used to produce tequila for El Viejo Luis, a company that was fingered by the DEA as being a front for the cartels. OWL tequila is not affiliated with EVL in any way. Other than that, I am unfamiliar with any of the tequilas produced by this distillery.

The One With Life Bottle

The bottle for this tequila belies the tequila inside. The label has hushed blue tone background, with the “tree of life” hosting a wise old owl. The neck of the bottle is adorned with a teal blue necklace and a tree of life pendant.

Until I tasted the tequila, I thought the bottle was pretty ordinary. After my taste test, I think the bottle is very representative of the tequila inside. I give the marketing team credit here!

One With Life Tequila Blanco, rear labelThe Tasting Glass

As always, all of my tastings are performed using the Glencairn glass, which is a crystal whiskey glass shaped like a traditional nosing copitas used in Scotland. It definitely helps direct the aroma up and out of the bowl. If you don’t have one of these, I highly recommend getting some kind copita nosing glass, or cognac snifter.

Description and Color

“99% peaceful 1% wild!” is the motto printed on the bottle. Obviously this is a blanco tequila, so there’s not much to talk about in terms of the color. Keep the motto in mind as you read the tasting notes, as there is a consistent thread present from bottle, to logo, to motto, to tequila!


I don’t know how to say this any other way, but the nose isn’t very “blanco”

For me a bit sour, but not in a bad way. Doesn’t have a HUGE agave tone that I’d expect from a blanco. A sweet touch of honey, mingles with a faint herbaceous aroma of basil.

One With Life Tequila Blanco, bottle frontTaste

Incredibly smooth on the fore tongue, with little burn but significant tingle. Like the nose, the flavor here is very mild. The agave is present, but not quite as strong as I’d prefer. The initial impression is a very crisp and drinkable tequila that is not going to overwhelm someone new to tasting tequila.

Mid palate the flavor is still very mild. I’m beginning to wonder if the meal I ate 5 hours ago is somehow impacting my tasting. The tequila isn’t at all dry, but it’s not sweet either. The agave flavor is far more muted at the mid palate than I would have expected.

The finish is spicy, with noticeable pepper kick. There is a brief but tangible tequila heat on the back of the tongue which accompanies this burst of pepper. Again, very smooth with muted agave flavor. The pepper punch passes quickly, and for me, it’s lacking what I call the tequila blanket, that soft warmness that steadily travels from your throat to the bottom of your chest.

Final Impressions

It’s my belief that the Owner, Lisa, had a clear vision of their flavor profile in mind when she went to Tequila Las Americas to create her brand. It is a very approachable blanco, that is decent for sipping, and would make a very mild mixed beverage; I would describe it as the Grey Goose of blanco tequila.

After completing my tasting, I read through the OWL website and found a quote by Mrs. Elovich, and she describes the tequila this way:

[OWL Tequila has a] “pure, mild, smooth and crisp taste that can be easily sipped alone with lime, mixed with a favorite beverage or included in a variety of cocktails.”

To be fair, I didn’t mix the tequila with lime, or anything else. I think OWL blanco tequila would be an excellent introduction to tequila for somebody inexperienced with tequila, or as a first taste in a flight. Ultimately, it is a good value at the price point as well.

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