Tequila Review: Excellia Tequila Blanco

Excellia Tequila Blanco. NOM 1139 – La Alteña Distillery. This is the 6th review in the Viva Los Cabos Tequila Review Journal.

About Excellia Tequila Blanco

Excellia is produce by the La Alteña distillery, out of Arandas, Jalisco Mexico. This distillery is better known producing El Tesoro Tequila, which I will be doing a review of at another time. As with other tequila distilleries, this one has a long history with an interesting story. The distillery was was built in 1937 by Don Felipe Camarena. The Camerna family has been distilling tequila for over 200 years, and the original distillery was destroyed in the Mexican Revolution.

Tequila production is carried out using time honored traditions. Masonry ovens to cook the piñas, and Tahona wheels to crush them. All spirits are double distilled in copper pot stills, and aged in various casks.

The Excellia Bottle

As tequila bottles go, the Excellia bottle appears fairly basic, but a closer look shows some pretty fun touches. First, the logo appears to be pressed in wax above the grasses. The band around the top third of the bottle appears to be laser etched into some kind of wood. Finally, the wooden stopper has the logo branded into the wood. I’ts a simple yet elegant bottle.

The Tasting Glass

As always, all of my tastings are performed using the Glencairn glass, which is a crystal whiskey glass shaped like a traditional nosing copitas used in Scotland. It definitely helps direct the aroma up and out of the bowl. If you don’t have one of these, I highly recommend getting some kind copita nosing glass, or cognac snifter.

Description and Color

Being a blanco, there isn’t much to say about the color other than it is very clear. A unique (to me) characteristic of this blanco is that it is actually aged for several weeks. The base recipe is split, with part of the batch aged in cognac barrels, and the other in Grand Cru Sauternes. Then, Master Blender Maison Villervert marries the two in create Excellia Tequila.


The nose of Excellia Blanco is very agave forward, with a hint of celery. As the aroma makes it way into the mouth, I notice lemon, vanilla, and just a touch of the cognac oak.


This is a very interesting tequila blanco. The fore tongue feel is light, imperceptible burn on the lips, and light agave flavored. However, by mid tongue, the tequila takes on a oily, almost buttery texture. The celery aroma I noticed definitely comes out in the flavor profile as well. As blancos go, there is a quite a bit of complexity going on here that I didn’t expect. The finish is smooth, with a mild tequila blanket. My ideal tequila would have a little bit more warmth here.

Final Impressions

Excellia Blanco is a complex blanco with good mouth feel and mild warmth. It is definitely a bottle you could serve among friends and drink for an entire evening without feeling a need to change it up. I’d also recommend it to someone who has some experience tasting tequila, and wants to step up to more artisan tequilas with complex flavor profiles. The mild tequila blanket will also be attractive to those who are sensitive to the bite.Excellia Blanco Tequila – Full BottleExcellia Blanco Tequila

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