Tequila Review: Cazadores Extra Anejo

cazadores extra anejo new bottleTequila Review

This tequila review is entry #3 in the Viva Los Cabos Tequila Journal, and today I’m reviewing a surprisingly little known tequila from a very well  known distiller, Cazadores. Just about anyone who drinks tequila has heard of Cazadores; their reposado is a very popular in house margaritas in restaurants that know what they’re doing. Surprisingly, however, very few people seem to be be aware of Cazadores Extra Anejo offering. This extra anejo runs about $72 + taxes (which is a total of $82.75 here in Washington state).

The Tasting Glass

As always, all of my tastings are performed using the Glencairn glass, which is a crystal whiskey glass shaped like a traditional nosing copitas used in Scotland. It definitely helps direct the aroma up and out of the bowl. If you don’t have one of these, I highly recommend getting some kind copita nosing glass, or cognac snifter.

I did a side by side tasting of Gran Centenario Leyenda this weekend using 2 different glasses. First my Nambe Title Old-Fashioned glasses, and the Glencairn. The difference in the nose really blew me away. Not that the Nambe glasses aren’t great whiskey glasses, but I would never use them for tasting tequila again.


The NOM for this bottle is 1487, which is the Bacardi y Compania (yes that Bacardi) distillery. I know it seems hoaky, but I promise this is very good bottle of tequila.

The distillery is out of Arandas, Mexico. Arandas is known as a strong producer of blue agave. The story goes that founder of Cazadores looked over his fields of Agave and saw a stag with quite the set of antlers. I must say it is easily one of my favorite logos for any distiller.

This is a highland tequila, developed from a family recipe in about 1921. The recipe remained private to the family until 1973, when Don Felix decided to build a commercial distillery. All Cazadores tequila is double distilled, double fermented, and aged in American oak. According to Tequila.net, the tequila “listens” to Mozart Symphony Number 40 during the fermentation process.

cazadores extra anejo old bottleColor

Cazadores extra anejo is a deep golden amber color, and, if it was sitting in a bottle with no label, could easily be mistaken for scotch!


The nose on this screams properly aged tequila. Cooked agave blends neatly with oak, followed by caramel, vanilla, and a hint of spiced apples. One last thing is that the nose has a very mild sting to it, kind of like scotch vapors.


On the lips, Cazadores Extra Anejo has a short, mild bite. The initial sips will warm your throat and chest, but there is nothing harsh about it. There is a harmonious battle between agave and oak on the mid tongue, which is very surprising for any extra anejo, but particularly at this price level. Eventually the agave gives way slightly to oak before swallowing.

Something that I really appreciate about this tequila is the finish. The finish is long, and smooth, bringing tones of sweet and spice. Don’t be in a hurry to go for the next drink, as this tequila leaves a wonderful agave flavor laced with the air as you inhale. This lasts for 20 or 30 seconds, meaning you can really take your time and enjoy the flavor of the tequila!

Final Impressions

This is easily my favorite sub one hundred dollar tequila (including taxes) that I can buy here in Washington. It’s appropriate as a daily drinker, for entertaining, and even for the discerning tequila connoisseur. They’ve managed to retain a decent amount of agave flavor in 36 month aged tequila, while blending in an appropriate amount of oak. The primary difference between some of this and some of the ultra-premium tequilas I drink are that it is not the smoothest extra anejo I’ve had, the oak does eventually over power the agave in the flavor profile, and it lacks that big floral nose that I love. Otherwise, this is a fine tequila that should be a part of everyone’s liquor cabinet.

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