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tequila 3j extra anejo bottle - front

Tequila Review: Tequila 3j Supreme Extra Anejo

Tequila Review This tequila review is #8 in the Viva Los Cabos Tequila Journal, and today I’ll be reviewing Tequila 3J Supreme extra anejo.  This is a ultra premium offering from the Distillery Fabrica de Tequila El Eden, and is easily my favorite desert tequila. Yes, I said desert tequila. Having scoured the internet for this particular offering, I can safely say this is… Read more →

Tequila Review: Don Abraham Añeno

Tequila Don Abraham Añeno. Nom 1480 – Tequila Las Americas. This is the 7th review in the Viva Los Cabo Tequila Review Journal. Tequila Don Abraham and Distillery Tequila Don Abraham is produced at the Tequila Las Americas distillery, the same distillery that produces One With Life Tequila. The distillery has an interesting past due to production of tequila owned by Mexican… Read more →

grand solmar view 2

Grand Solmar

Are You  Ready?   I have a special place in my heart for Grand Solmar. In September of 2014, Hurricane Odile landed directly upon Cabo San Lucas, directly on top of Grand Solmar.  At the bottom of this article, I have included the video I made of our experience with Odile, and my personal tripadvisor.com review to show you exactly… Read more →