What is the Solmar Guest Registration Form?

For those of you considering renting your Grand Solmar, Playa Grande, or Solmar Beach Club weeks, you’re going to need to get familiar with the Guest Registration Form:

What is the Guest Registration Form and Why Do I Care?

The guest registration form is a document you must fill out in order for a guest to utilize your timeshare absent of your presence. It is a very simple form that you’ll be able to fill out completely using your reservation confirmation you get when you book / confirm your week with reservations.

The form is utilized for all 3 Solmar properties, as well as for fixed and floating week owners. Be certain to pay attention to the Member / Contract # sections, as well as the reservation # lines. These are important to get right in order to ensure the guest is registered at the right resort, and in the correct room type.

The rest of the information is self explanatory.


As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my very best to respond to you right away!

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