Playa Grande Resort and Grand Spa – The Ridge


The Ridge, as owners call it, are a semi-private group of villas stacked atop the granite cliff overlooking Playa Grande itself. When we bought our first unit at Playa Grande, it was a floating week, and The Ridge is what sold us on the location at that time!

One great family friendly feature of the ridge is the kids pool with water slide. Since there are fewer units on the ridge, we find these pools are never overly busy, and the adult pool with the bar is separated nicely from the “family” area by a wall…

We bring along our blow up pool toys for our kids, and inevitably other families join in, and it’s a great deal of fun.

Setting / Location:



Attached to Playa Grande, near the southern tip of Land’s End, the ridge sits atop the granite cliffs overlooking the main resort. A “second phase” to the original resort, the location offers amazing views of both the Cabo San Lucas marina / Sea of Cortez, and the Pacific Ocean.

Playa Grande sits along the south western edge of Baja California Sur.  The beach along the Pacific Ocean that stretches from the cliffs at the very tip of lands end, to the cliffs of Pedregal to the north, are completely private to people staying at Grand Solmar, Solmar Beach Club, Terra Sol, Playa Grande, Finnistera, and The Resort at Pedregal. Honestly, the beach is never busy, and the waves there are large, providing incredible ambiance with the powerful sound of their crash. Gone is the hustle and bustle of Medano beach, the more infamous beach on the other side of the marina on the Sea of Cortez.

A nice walk along the beach will take you to an area where you can rock crawl to divorce / lovers beaches. All in all, this is the nicest, most exclusive stretch of beach in Cabo. That said, if you enjoy people watching and a more party-like atmosphere, a short and refreshing water taxi ride from the marina to Medano beach is only minutes away via the private Ridge elevator.

The unique location of The Ridge atop the granite cliffs gives the feeling of a smaller, boutique style resort. The Ridge consists of only 98 suites! There is a distinct neighborhood-esque camaraderie and security that gives us a real sense of exclusivity. Every year we meet new friends who we keep in contact with and attempt to align our next year vacation with.

Tip – Which building your room is in has a significant impact on your view. We have building maps and extensive research on the view / decks from each of the buildings and rooms.

Getting Around:

Access to The Ridge is something to be aware of, as there are some great conveniences and inconveniences that can be mitigated by planning.

There primary access method is through the Playa Grande main lobby. From the front entrance, take the hallway to the right, just passed the lobby bar. At the end of the hallway, there is a bank of 3 elevators and a stairwell. Access to the elevators and the stairwell are restricted.

Tip – Access to The Ridge is restricted to The Ridge tenants. Be certain to car your room key at all times, otherwise getting to your room can be difficult.

The second access point to The Ridge is less known, but offers easy access to town and the Marina. If you don’t use this access point, you must walk all the way down to the Playa Grande lobby, down the long windy hill, and into town. For those who enjoy a good hike, this walk isn’t a problem, but the hill is steep and it can get quite hot so this is a consideration.

street level elevator to ridge

street level elevator to ridge

The Ridge has its own private elevator which has access to the street level. From the main Ridge walkway, walk through building b, and find the elevator at the back of the building. Take the elevator down to the ground level. You will need to walk down a couple of short flights of steps, and out a covered iron door. From there, walk towards the Puerto San Lucas Restaurant. On the right hand (street) side, you’ll see an elevator which will take you down to the street.

Tip – We have building maps with detailed directions to help you get around the entire resort. 

Tip – Playa Grande has a large garage for you to park a rental car, free of charge

One benefit of this location is easy access to all sorts of transportation options. Taxi service is available at a moments notice at the main entrance to Playa Grande. The public bus, which is very inexpensive (most rides are $1), has a bus stop 100 yards from the bottom of the building b elevator, and water taxis are available all over the marina!


From the studio all the way to the Owl’s Nest, accommodations at The Ridge are generous to say the least. there are 3 different sizes of unit available (excluding the Owl’s Nest):

It is important to note there is no standard size, balcony layout, or furnishing set for these units. We have compiled a room list that details the balcony, furnishings, and environment of many of the villas. The differences in units adds a nice personal touch, and there are pluses and minuses to each.

All suites feature kitchens, spacious living rooms and full size baths, along with luxurious finishing touches including flat screen televisions, wireless internet service and premium quality linens. Bath robes are available upon request at no additional charge as long as they are returned.


Each unit has a a full kitchen that is well stocked, including stove, microwave, pots & pans, cooking utensils, knives, cups, silverware, mixing bowls, and measuring cups. We have no trouble being able to prepare large meals for 5 adults and 3 children in the penthouse / presidential kitchens. There is plenty of counter and storage space for fruit, snacks, and beverages. The stoves in all rooms are electric, or induction style cook-tops.

Also included in each kitchen is a decent quality blender, coffee maker, and drink pitcher. If you want to drink coffee in room, it is best to bring your ground beans from home, as the cost and variety of coffee in Cabo isn’t ideal.

The stoves in all rooms are electric, or induction style cook-tops.

Water in all units is desalinized, purified, and completely safe to drink.

Tip – The refrigerators in the 1 bedroom and not full sized. It is a bit shorter and narrower than a standard kitchen refrigerator.
Tip – If you plan on eating meals in the room, we highly recommend purchasing cling wrap & zip locks bags.
Tip – Bring along your own nonstick pan inside your checked luggage.
Tip – Ask for ice during check-in, and they’ll bring up a several pound bag of bar style ice. 

1 Bedroom Master Suite:

2 Bedroom Presidential Suite

The presidential suite is perfect two couples or a family with teenage children. While it lacks the den / entertainment center (the TV is located on a shelf in the back corner of the unit) of the penthouse suite, the living space is open, airy, and very comfortable. Accommodating up to six, these two-bedroom suites feature a dining room, living room, three bathrooms, King size bed, guest room with two Twin size beds, a Twin sizes Murphy bed, spacious balconies with couches / lounge chairs and tables, and full-service kitchen.

Living Space:

living space from back corner

Living Room from Back Corner

Like the penthouse, the central living space is large, open, and well appointed. Marble, real wood cabinets support the professional decorated interior. The living space is quite wide, about 40 – 50 feet across, with the bedrooms on opposite ends. There is a dining room table that seats 6, and either two large couches or 1 large ‘L’ shaped couch, and two large chairs to complete the ‘U’.



The Ridge Kitchen View 1

The presidential kitchen is large enough for two people to prepare a meal together. It is a pass through type kitchen, with the stove, and refrigerator are located along the back wall of the unit, and the sink located in the island facing the large, full width / height sliding windows looking out over the marina / ocean. there are 4 bar stools for friends and family to sit and enjoy cocktails and conversation.


2nd room jacuzzi tub

2nd room jacuzzi tub

Both the presidential and penthouse suites have 3 bathrooms. All of the bathrooms have unique stone vanities with and integrated sink. The guest bathroom is located near the entrance door, and is a .75 bathroom with private toilet and walk-in shower. The bathroom in the second and master bedroom bathrooms have either a large Jacuzzi tub (in some units the second bathroom has a huge tub that is not jetted), and walk-in shower.

2nd room bathroom shower

2nd room bathroom shower

A complaint I have about the bathrooms in the bedrooms is that the toilet doesn’t have a vanity wall or door. It is the single biggest annoyance I have with The Ridge.

The walk-in showers are all glass, and for some reason the door doesn’t have a weather seal on the bottom, which isn’t a problem unless you are taller and have to aim the shower head up high. This can lead to a fair amount of extra water on the floor of the bathroom. It’s reasonably easy to deal with, simply ask the maid for an additional towel to block the door. Don’t forget to tip, and they’ll remember to bring you a new towel each day!

Deck / Balcony

presidential suite view from main balcony

presidential suite view from main balcony

The decks and balconies in the presidential suite are all spacious, and provide views of the marina / Sea of Cortez, or the Pacific Ocean, or in corner units, BOTH! Some of the decks / balconies are deeper than others, but all of them stretch the length of the unit, which means they are quite wide. Some units have the master, main, and guest room balconies separated by privacy walls, while others are continuous. We have detailed listings of units and their balconies

2 Bedroom Penthouse Suite:

To call the penthouse suites spacious and well appointed is truly and understatement. From the 24″ marble floor tiles and marble counters, to the gigantic full-width sliding glass windows, to the professionally decorated interior, you’ll find luxury and thoughtfulness at just about every turn.

There are 3 primary differences between the presidential suite and the penthouse. First, an addition of a den-like living space with two couches (in some units one or both of these fold out), and a nice entertainment center with a flat screen TV. We find that this is a nice space to spend some down time with the kids, telling stories and letting them watch a movie before bed time.

The second difference is between the two units is location. Penthouses are located on higher floors, and have corner units. This really effects the size of, and view from your deck.

The third difference is the kitchen. While the penthouse suite has a traditional enclosed type kitchen with a nice bar and 4 bar stools on one side, the presidential kitchen has a walk through kitchen with a island bar with 4 bar stools.

Living Space:

penthouse living space

View of the living space in a penthouse on the ridge

Each penthouse has a dining room table that seats 8, a large ‘L’ shaped couch that easily seats 5, a chair and half facing the TV, a fold out love seat, and either another fold out couch or Murphy bed. The den, as we mentioned, has a nice entertainment center with a flat screen TV.

Tip – The TV’s at the time of this writing do have an available HDMI interface which you can use to hook-up your laptop or tablet. The wireless internet is good enough to stream NetFlix or other streaming video service with reasonable quality and reliability. The resort does not supply this cable.


The penthouse bathroom configuration is essentially identical to the presidential suite.


The penthouse kitchen is a more tradition ‘U’ shaped kitchen, with the sink facing toward the windows. The counter has a large bar and 4 comfortable bar stools. The kitchen is definitely functional, although it takes some pretty good choreography for two people to prepare a meal. That said, we have no trouble being able to prepare large meals for 5 adults and 3 children in either the penthouse / presidential kitchens. There is plenty of counter and storage space for fruit, snacks, and beverages.

Deck / Balcony

pacific view from the ridge balcony

pacific view from the ridge balcony

The penthouse deck / balconies are similar in size to the presidential, but tend to be deeper, and have more furniture. The corner units have the added advantage of being able to smoke a good cigar without affecting any neighbors!


All of the Playa Grande restaurants are available to tenants of The Ridge, as well as The Ridge Restaurant. Below are the reviews of each restaurant individually. Note: Hurricane Odile completely wiped out Brigantine and Calima. As of May 15th, 2015, Brigantine is open, but Calima is still under construction.

  • The Ridge Restaurant
  • Playa Grande Lobby Bar
  • Sushi-Sun
  • Puerto San Lucas
  • Brigantine

Also, there are two offsite locations where you will receive a member discount:

  • Restaurant Romeo Y  Julieta
  • Hacienda El Coyote


There are three pools exclusive to the ridge (travelers staying the Playa Grande portion of the resort don’t have access to The Ridge pools). the adult infinity pool, the bar pool, and the family pool. Ridge tenants have access to all of the main Playa Grande pools, and we highly recommend you try those out as well.

For more information and our detailed review of each pool, click on the following links:

  1. The Ridge at Playa Grande Adult Infinty Edge Pool
  2. The Ridge Bar Pool
  3. The Ridge Family Pool and Water Slide.

Kids Club:


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