My Cabo Life in Pictures

mike lemker and I with our Dorado

8 Sleeps. Well, let me be real, 7 sleeps and 1 pretend sleep. That’s what I have to survive before my beautiful wife and I head to the airport for our trip to Cabo. Usually this is such  an exciting time that I’m “jacked” to the moon, and super excited. This trip is different for me. I have been excited and ready for so long that I need to find a way to cope with it. This feeling in my chest and stomach…

So I’ve decided to write more about it.

What Cabo Means to Me

Take a look at this picture. I have 100s of pictures of Cabo where I am standing with people I care about, smiling, and having an amazing time. I know that this trip is going to be special. I am fortunate enough to be able to share my favorite place with a large group of my friends and family. I have so many memories likes this, and I am thankful to our friends Krista and Dan for introducing this wonderful place so many years ago.

I am so thankful that my wife agreed to invest in a future coming here. I am thankful that we’ve already created so many wonderful memories for our children, and that we will continue to do so

I am so very grateful for our amazing friends in Cabo. Manny, Lindsay, Niko, Sammy, Alma, “little”  Sammy, and Carlita, mi familia de Mexico…

I think that is why I’m struggling so mightily with the lead up to this trip, and, I’m guessing it’s only going to get worse year after year.

How I’m Going to Survive My Caboholism

Pictures, lots of pictures. Writing and talking about it seems to be an outlet that works… The first picture is with my friend Mike and I, fishing with Blue Marlin Sportfishing. This was a great trip where both of our families went to Cabo and shared our 2 bedroom penthouse on The Ridge at Playa Grande.

This next picture is our kids who decided to take the cushions and pillows off of the chairs and lay them on the floor in front of the TV. I know I’m biased, but this was seriously adorable! We had more fun on this trip take the kids to the pool, and going on excursions like the Buccaneer Queen Snorkeling Tour. I don’t think we have ever used the Ridge Pools and slide more than we did during this trip.

 entire family at the ridge family pool

Here’s another from the trip. The kids just love Solmar Beach. Of course we don’t let them swim, so please don’t worry. We played tag and chase for hours here. While on the topic of kids and Playa Grande, my kids LOVED the Mexican Fiesta night (the beach party not so much). They had some kids focused events where they got to sing, play, and dance that were very appropriate and entertaining for everyone. If you’re going to participate in a theme night with kids, that is the one I recommend.

Here’s one of my favorite pictures aboard The Buccaneer Queen. Mike took his son to the bridge where we were able to convince the captain to take a photo with them.

Mike and Collin on the Buccaneer Queen

 I’m not photographer by any stretch of the imagination, so I’m happy when a picture comes out in focus. This sunrise picture is one of the first digital photographs I ever took. I only wish someone with more skill was around to set this up!
And here is Pancho fishing in the bait box. This is a pretty funny picture. Pancho is so fat and happy that he won’t eat dead bait. He sat there and picked through the bait box until he found a live fish.
pancho in the bait box
No trip would be worth going on without being able to hang out with our friends. We are very fortunate that our wonderful friends take the time to gather up their families and go out with us, and their children are so well behaved. If I kept my kids out to dinner at 9:30… yikes!
Manny and Lindsay
Then of course, the majestic Grand Solmar. I’m trying to picture myself standing where I took these pictures. This place makes a terrible photographer like me look like a genius.
I get asked the question “what is an infinity pool” quite frequently. I think this picture pretty well answers that question:
And here I am trying to be artistic. Note that I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler….
and I have some pretty generous friends too! Sharing is caring after all!
I guess that’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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