Why Do YOU Love Cabo San Lucas?

For those of you who don’t know me, I spend a lot of time talking up Cabo San Lucas. Sometimes after an evening of bragging about it to some friends, I’ll think to myself, I wonder if they think I’m just over the top. I’ve realized though, that Cabo is a very polarizing destination; people either love it, or they hate it, and there just doesn’t seem to be any in between. This caused me to really think about the question, “why is Cabo my favorite vacation destination?”. The following is a list of some of the reasons why I love Cabo, and I’d love to see your comments about this topic!

  1. The People – Honestly this seems like a no brainer, but to the casual observer this might not be so obvious. We all know that tourism is essential to Cabo’s economy, and this leads to some interesting interactions while you’re on vacation there. The thing is, when I walk the marina, or hang out at Medano Beach, I don’t mind the hustling. Folks are making a living the best they can for themselves and their families. Honestly though, this is such a small thing compared to the genuine pride locals have in their city and their country. One thing I’ve learned is the more genuinely you respect locals, their culture, and their city, the more they’ll want to show you their city, and the more they’ll treat you like family.Of course, I’m a little spoiled. My first interaction in Cabo (outside of a brief check-in at the front desk) was at Playa Grande with mi hermano Sammy. Those of you who know who I’m talking about understand why I’m spoiled, it was pure luck that our first trip to Playa Grande happened to be the very early days of Sammy working there as a bellman. Still, he taught me what Mexican hospitality was all about!
  2. The Food – I’ll be transparent here. I grew up in Los Angeles, and I’ve always enjoyed authentic Mexican food. To be honest, it’s really difficult to find decent Mexican food here in Seattle, and after being here for almost a decade, I had forgotten what good Mexican food was like. Well, finding amazing food in Cabo isn’t difficult to do, and the very first restaurant I ever walked into in Cabo was Mi Casa, and I was instantly hooked! Since then, my wife and I have been to probably a hundred different restaurants in Cabo, and the food is just outstanding in most instances.
  3. The Resorts – Before Cabo, the only real resort area I had ever been to was Maui, HI. We stayed at the Westin Ka’anapali for our first trip there, and it is, for all intents and purposes, a standard hotel room with a really cool pool. We did go back and try the Westin Resort Villas, which is their timeshare in Maui. At the time, I thought to myself, wow, these 1 bedroom units with full kitchens are really nice. Well, not really. The resorts in Cabo can really spoil a person. While they don’t have the biggest, fanciest pools on earth, they resorts I own have the best Ocean ambiance and the most gorgeous suites I’ve ever seen. From Playa Grande, to Cabo Azul, to The Resort at Pedregal, to Grand Solmar, the suites, restaurants, ocean proximity, and ambiance are just unparalleled compared to anywhere else I’ve stayed (and I’ve been pretty fortunate.
  4. The Fishing (and the Restaurants, did I mention that?) – Easily one of the best experiences I’ve had in Cabo is going fishing for Tuna and Dorado, getting my catch cleaned, then finding a restaurant to prepare it. There’s just nothing like fresh having Mahi and Tuna sashimi, ceviche, garlic sauteed, grilled, baked with mango sauce, etc. all in one meal. Combine that with a great day out on a boat with some buddies, a case of good cold beer, and it makes for quite a day.
  5. Evenings in Cabo – Here’s one of my favorite things to do in Cabo. I think this might be a bit exclusive to Grand Solmar and Playa Grande, but you might be able to achieve something similar at one of the corridor resorts. I walk out of my room about 10pm, walk out to one of the ocean front infinity pools (usually the adult pool at Grand Solmar), and there is usually nobody there, and if not, it’s only 2 or 3 folks. I make sure to keep a reasonable distance between anyone who is there, and I fire up a great cigar and a have a nice tequila. The waves and stars combined with the peace and quiet is simply magical!

So, that’s my list, now I’d love to hear why do you love Cabo San Lucas? I look forward to seeing your comments.

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  1. Joe Sasek
    February 25, 2017 at 8:14 pm

    Sue had such a great time on her first trip with my sons soon to be mother in law, that she convinced me that I _had_ return with her to see this place for myself. We rented the smallest unit (a studio) at Grand Solmar. When we arrived I couldn’t first couldn’t believe the natural beauty of the resort, I also couldn’t believe the size and amenities of this (Studio) space. Even though it was the smallest unit you can rent, it was 650 Sq. Ft. and had an incredible ocean view! I wasn’t a timeshare guy, in fact I’ve said “I’ll never own a timeshare”. Yet I was so blown away with the place I agreed to go to the owners update meeting just to “check it out”.

    Turns out we were renting the lock off unit from a 1BR Master Suite and the owners were in the 1BR portion. Grand Solmar thought we were owners. As such, we got Shelley Blais for our “owners” update. After figuring out we weren’t ownesr Shelley said, no worries I’ll just do the tour with you anyway. She seemed to genuinely care a lot that we not only found out about the property, but what “sold” me on Grand Solmar was what was soo special about this place, its history and its goals. As I became more intrigued I asked more and more questions.

    I began to realize that even though I’ve been lucky enough to go to a place like Hawaii and stay on 4 different islands at some of the greatest resorts ever built, Grand Solmar was comparable if not even better in certain ways. I live in Northern CA and the flight to Cabo is not only easy at just shy of 3 hours, it is non stop, and reasonably priced.

    I started to envision myself being there and already wanting to come back and spend more time and this was only on the second day. We toured units with Shelley, and came back to the office to discuss what we thought. I liked what we had seen, but knowing our family and friends would love to come with us asked Shelley if there were any units that could accommodate more people and comfortably. She brought out the plans for the 2 BR Presidential and the 2 BR Penthouse units. I immediately said “that’s what I’m talking about” LOL. Shelley said, unfortunately I can show you a Presidential, but there aren’t any Penthouses to show and I believe those are pretty close to if not sold out already. I said, “but that’s what I’m interested and it looks perfect on paper, but I won’t be able to buy what I can’t put my personal eyes on”. Shelley said, “give me a minute”. After coming back she said “I’ve got an idea”. If you are willing to initial my sales sheet saying you are genuinely interested in purchasing I may be able to show you a 3BR with the 3BR as a lock off unit that is having some maintenance done and it will be almost exactly what you are interested in, but you’ll have to understand there may be some work going on. I signed her sheet and off we went.

    Boy am I glad I did. Nothing against the Presidential Suites or any other accommodations at Grand Solmar as I said every unit even the smallest are beautiful also, but the Penthouse’s are just spectacular. Frankly I fell in love and was only going to buy if I could negotiate for a Penthouse. From the disappearing corner sliding windows in the Master BR, to the disappearing wall of glass in the main living area, to the kitchen to the massive covered (and beautifully furnished) outdoor patio’s I was blown away. When I found out we could sleep 8 I was sold assuming the price was within budget (that’s a whole other story how I can to that conclusion) LOL.

    After a pretty short negotiation (Telling me I might not have negotiated as well as I could have), I was thrilled to agree to a 2 BR Penthouse and couldn’t wait to be done. Shelley came back to tell us our offer had been accepted! She also told us, “I know we didn’t discuss this _but_, Grand Solmar is going to be ground breaking soon on a new development property called the Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas”. “Since you are buying this level of Suite you will automatically qualify to use your weeks your purchasing here at a comparable unit there”. She explained the property, proximity, Greg Norman Golf Course etc….etc…. The reason I bring this up is it speaks volumes to the honest and integrity not only Shelley herself, but ownership and management or Solmar. I’m pretty sure Shelley knew I was sold, and could have been a potential up sell later on. But that wasn’t their intention. It was to do the right thing rather than have me come back and say “why didn’t you tell me about that when I was there”. This talk about making you part of the family apparently is more that just about talk! Again, this was my personal opinion and experience.

    We have now gone 3 times and are heading for our 4th tomorrow and can’t wait to get there! I know many that have been coming for 20+ years say its getting too big and losing its character and quaintness, but for me when I am at Grand Solmar it represents the best there is from an intimate, private, yet full of amenities location. A block from any main street you can find small local outstanding food options and the prices compared to Hawaii or other similar destinations are a bargain by comparison. Mai Tai’s are $15 or more in Hawaii but in Cabo at happy hour they are 2 fo $5 and that alone makes Cabo an incredible value. When you combine the accommodations with the plethora of food/restaurant options it is near impossible to beat. Adding the Greg Norman course and access to multiple world class golf courses will add to the experience as it can double as a week long golf destination as well.

    Thanks Steve Warshaw for hitting the nail on the head and encouraging others to give their personal perspective as well. You have inspired me to a new personal tradition in this blog that I will try for the first time this trip with your suggestion of a private late night cigar and tequila at the pool while listening to the crashing waves and looking up at the stars! Cabo has truly become our “heart home”!

    • Viva Los Cabos
      February 26, 2017 at 10:46 pm

      Absolutely spectacular comment Joe. It’s amazing to learn the similarities in everyone’s journey to being hooked on Solmar beach. I am really enjoying hearing about folks experiences, and even hope to emulate a few of them.

      I hope you enjoy my special Grand Solmar night cap. I’ll look forward to hearing back from you to see what you thought!

      Also, you have given me a brilliant idea. I’m going to create a post where people can share their favorite Cabo traditions. I think it’ll be a great way for folks to try new things, and perhaps meet a few new fellow cabo nuts!

      Enjoy your trip…

  2. Claudia Ellis
    February 25, 2017 at 11:11 pm

    Absolutely! We have mad so many life long friends in Cabo – mostly at Solmar. Our time spent on Solmar Beach over the years is a major chapter in the book of mine and my husbands life. So many awesome people – so special.

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