Getting Excited for my 40th Birthday at Grand Solmar

Grand Solmar 2701 Living Area at Night

Grand Solmar 2701

Turning 40 In Cabo Our Way.

I’m getting very excited for my 40th birthday party in Cabo San Lucas. For over a year now I have been planning on having my closest friends and family in Cabo with me. Now that we are less than two months away, I find myself in planning mode. Getting a large group together for international travel is never easy, but Google Sheets and I are getting it done. Tonight I was searching the web and through my pictures for some images of Grand Solmar that capture my feelings about the location. I bet my friends must get annoyed because I talked it up so much, and even here now writing this article I’m having trouble putting into words why I love it so much. Hopefully the pictures that I post here can convey some of the experiences, and emotions that I have had and wish to share with you.

The Suite

It may seem odd to start off with the living space when talking about a birthday in Cabo, but I really think this one is different. Getting this room really was the driving force for me to want my birthday in Cabo.

The first image you see his from the living area of unit 2701 , which my dear friends Patrick and Patricia Murray have so gracefully rent it to me for my birthday. One of the key elements for me to be able to have this birthday party in Cabo was for everybody to be able to spend time together in the same space. Unit 2701 is a four bedroom penthouse on the 7th floor in building 2 at Grand Solmar. This Penthouse is in a very unique location because it is beachfront and has its own pool and hot tub. We will be able to fit all 12 of my guests in this room quite comfortably during the day, and we have an additional two bedroom penthouse so that everybody has their own bedroom.

I’m really excited about the kitchen, and the  large dining room table. As we will not only have our guests from the United States , but we will also be having my dear family from Mexico join us as well. Sammy, Manny, Lindsay , Alma we cannot wait to share this experience with you all. As you can see from the picture Grand Solmar doesn’t amazing job of capturing the essence of Baja California Sur, while providing an elegant and comfortable living situation. Even with 14 or 18 people in the room there will be plenty of space for us all to sit and mingle and enjoy.

Attention To Detail

Why Grand Solmar

The first time I stayed at Grand Solmar the resort was still under construction. Still, I found myself excited to wake up in the morning and walk around in to really check the place out. I got up early and took my cell phone out to walk around and take some nice videos of the place and I was amazed at how many little details there were to see everywhere you look. I think this picture does a spectacular job of capturing just some of those detail. this simple lighting fixture along one of the many awesomely groomed pathways adorned with ornate inlaid Stone patterns and incredible tile work is on display throughout the entire Resort. Here are a couple of examples of the fine details that I enjoy picking out as I cruise around the resort.

One of the questions I attempt to answer first when people ask me about Grand Solmar is where is it in Cabo? It’s very difficult to try to explain that Grand Solmar is built into Mount Solmar at Lands End. I find the desert landscape to be beautiful and amazing. When you get to Grand Solmar and you walk along the path between B Grand Lobby and the VIP lounge , you can get an idea of how difficult the task of building this Resort must have been.

Nestled In

The location of Grand Solmar is certainly a significant portion of its draw. The Granite Cliffs of Mt. Solmar provide beauty, serenity, and privacy. however, unlike any other resort with this level of privacy and peace and quiet, Grand Solmar is only a short walk into town. you weren’t landlocked and stuck into a resort from which you have to take a long car ride or a taxi ride to get to do anything. This combination of convenience, peace, Beauty, and proximity to the Pacific Ocean give Grand Solmar a unique and pleasurable ambiance that I haven’t seen or felt at any other resort.

Granduer with class

One of the the things that I have come to appreciate about Grand Solmar is that even in its Grandeur presentation it still has that home-away-from-home feeling. I never feel like I’m at the Ritz-Carlton and need to wear a jacket and a tie. I can’t recall a time that I ever ran into anyone who I thought was stuffy . It is possible that my experience at the resort as wash those memories away. This is a picture of the Grand Lobby that opened in December of 2015. It was not there when the resort opened and it really left me curious what they were going to do to top the outdoor open-air Lobby that they had on opening day. as you can see it is elegant and comfortable and distinctly Mexico. they really did an amazing job of keeping the welcome-home feeling in the new Grand Lobby. I’ve always thought that the entrance to Playa Grande was one of the most impressive that I’d seen in any Resort . I think the Grand Lobby at Grand Solmar is easily as impressive. We were at Grand Solmar in October of 2015, and this building wasn’t even finished being dry walled. It is mind boggling the amount of detail in the stone work and decor they were able to complete in 2 months!

Grand Solmar Front Desk

Now back to my birthday…

Pool and View in 2701

Making Arrangements

As I stated previously trying to arrange travel details for 14 separate people is quite daunting . I highly recommend using Google Sheets to help organize this task. I was able to embed various different tables into emails that everyone could fill out so that I can have all of their travel information. I also put together a different sheet for restaurants we wanted to try, grocery list for ordering through Prickly Pear, and a list of all of the activities everyone might be interested in. I thought to myself, this is going to be so great, everyone will fill out the various items, and I can make the arrangements.

Unexpected Challenges

So….. I posted the link to the sheets in the Facebook page I made for the party (I created this page over 12 months in advance mind you). About 4 months out, I wrote a simple post that said something like “Hey folks, please fill out your travel details so that I can arrange airport transportation. Also, if you have an activities or groceries you want, put them in there too.” I was so excited, that was too simple… And it was, because what I got in response was… Crickets.

Undeterred I thought, well, lots of people don’t know what  this little icon means, so I will create an event inside of my Facebook page, invite everyone, and then send a group message. So I added everyone who said they had interest in going, open a group message, and said “hey folks, need your flight info asap so I can arrange ground transportation. Also, there are some other things in this spreadsheet that would be fun to check out. Look forward to hearing from you.” Ok, this had to work right? RIGHT? Crickets again…

I was beginning to worry. Was anybody, even the folks who helped pay for 2701, actually going to show up? GRRRR…

Not one who is easily deterred, I decided it was time to take a different approach. Before I get much further, this is the one that actually worked! I put together a post on this site with some really great videos of Grand Solmar. I then sent a simple email to everyone entitled: “Vacation Inspiration.”

This finally got the ball rolling. People began to respond with comments and some excitement built. FINALLY!!! Don’t you people get it, this is Grand Solmar and my freakin’ birthday party! I didn’t want to kill the momentum, so for the next couple of weeks, I sent around a few more little inspiration videos like this one:

This particular little video really got some responses. So once I had everyone’s attention, I resent out my spreadsheets, and FINALLY got everyone’s flight itineraries. Now we can finally get to the fun stuff!

A Little Tequila

No good birthday bash in Mexico would be complete without some ultra high end extra anejo tequila, and since it’s my birthday, I am going to share one of my most secret Cabo travel tips. If you have a friend who lives in Cabo that you really trust, order your high end tequila form and have it shipped to their house. You will save 50% – 75% easily by doing this. I’ll have at least one of each of these ready for my birthday:

The Bar at Grand Solmar

Margarita Grand Solmar Style

I know it’s somewhat controversial, but we really like the all inclusive at Grand Solmar. The flexibility of being able to use it for 3 days means we know we have 3 days where there is no planning, no travel required, and 0 stress. Yes, it’s pricey, but as I described in Grand Solmar Review, if you know what you’re doing you’ll not only be able to enjoy the relaxing experience, you’ll get a good value for your money.

We’ll definitely make use of one of the theme nights, as they are a great deal of fun with a large group. We’ll also use the tequila tasting event because, well, Tequila. I’m sure some of our guests will want to play mini-golf at Playa, and we’ll definitely use the Steak & Lobster @ La Roca. Also, the $40 discount on the Pool Cabanas is a great way to use the benefit.

But Your Unit Has a Pool!!!

True, and you can bet we’ll be using it quite a bit, but there is no way I’m going to miss having at least one day at Las Brisas. Pool side as Las Brisas might be my favorite spot on Earth. If you’ve never been there, just watch the video above. That was a really calm day for the waves, and still provides that soothing, rhythmic crashing of waves, that combined with a nice Cadillac Margarita,  provides refreshment to my soul!


Nobody has piped up yet, but there are a few things I really want to do.
First, I definitely want to try the FlyBoard. Have you seen this thing? It’s like a water jet powered snowboard. Check it out:

Mango Deck: We’re definitely going to pull up a lounge chair at the Mango Deck and watch people do stupid human tricks. I’m going to try and do the push-up contest even though I know I’m never going to win. We usually get an order of chips and guacamole, and at least 1 bucket of Sol. By the way, the Los Cabos Passport works at the Mango Deck, buy 1 get 1 entree free. It’s valid for up to 6 people so buy 3 get 3 free!

The Cabo Express

Fishing: My friend Alex from CaboStays is going to hook me up on a 45′ Cabo Express. I’m hoping there are 5 or 6 of us fishing that day. It should be a blast to be on such an amazing boat fishing, drinking bears, and hopefully bringing some Tuna and Dorado home for fresh ceviche and sashimi!

Cerritos Beach and Todos Santos: My dear friend Sammy is the best tour guide in Cabo. His easy going and friendly nature, combined with his “local knowledge” make for a great tour. Plus, we get to run around Baja California Sur in luxury, we can drink, and we don’t have to do any driving! I highly recommend contacting Sammy if you want a private tour anywhere in Los Cabos.

Snuba: There are various companies in cabo that provide snuba excursions in Cabo. I would really like to try Snuba right by Lovers Beach, at the end of Lands End. I have sea kayaked out there before and it is teaming with sea life. Here are a few facts you may not know. Credit to

Pelican Rock:
The reef starts at 15 ft. and gradually slopes to 70 feet before it drops off a deep wall down to 500 feet. One of the famous “Sandfalls” is located at the top of the submarine canyon in about 90 feet of water. This is a calm protected site teeming with a wide variety of tropical fish and invertebrates. You may see large schools of snappers, sea bass, scorpion fish, porcupine and puffer fish. Moray eels and devil rays along with electric and cortez rays and many more call this site home.

Land’s End:
This dive site is unique because you dive in both the Sea of Cortes and the Pacific Ocean at the same time. Large schools of barracudas, tunas and baitfish make this an unforgettable dive. The flat rock inside the cove is home to a small colony of California sea lions which dive and play with the divers. A shipwreck is found Southeast of the rock at only 50 feet. Large schools of cow-nose rays and devil rays (small mantas) can be seen during the summer months.

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  1. Claudia Ellis
    February 25, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    Happy Birthday, Steve. There’s no way it won’t be happy – staying at that gorgeous suit! At Grand Solmar. I’ve always wanted to stay in one of those….maybe some day. Your friends and family are going to love you forever for taking them to this special place. Enjoy!!

  2. Mike Bungee
    March 10, 2017 at 9:06 pm

    Finally booked my trip — looking forward to it. Thanks for the invite and great writeup!

    • Viva Los Cabos
      March 16, 2017 at 11:54 pm

      So looking forward to you being there! It’s going to be a great party!

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