Tequila Review: Dos Artes Reserva Especial Extra Anejo

Tequila Review

This tequila review is #4 in the Viva Los Cabos Tequila Journal, and today I’ll be reviewing Dos Artes Reserva Especial Extra Anejo. This fine reserve tequila comes from the Tequila Tres Mujeres distillery in Amatitán, and boy is it a good one. Interestingly, the neither of the websites for Dos Artes, nor the the Tres Mujeres distillery are working at this time. I spent several hours looking up information on the brand and the maker, without much luck.

I did scan through the Dos Artes Facebook page, and best I can tell is that this is a very young, and very small batch tequila. The first articles I see started in early 2012, and there isn’t much information available.

The NOM on this bottle is 1466, which as I mentioned, is the Tres Mujeres distillery

The Dos Artes Reserva Especial Extra Anejo Tequila Bottle

Dos Artes Tequila Extra Anejo Bottle FrontThis is a new section for my tequila review journal entries, and it is definitely inspired by the hand painted artisanship displayed in bottles of tequila like this one. No other liquor has bottles with much human time spent crafting each individual bottle.

If you take a look at the video at the following link, you’ll see these are plain ceramic bottles, and every bit of them are hand painted:

I decided to take the cork out of the bottle, and set it in front. If you look closely, its very clear this is done by hand, and the artist has painted quite a few of these bottles. The lines, shapes, and colors are all uneven, and not symmetrical, giving each bottle a unique character. I think the designs and colors are beautiful, and I’ll be keeping this bottle on display even after it is empty!

The Tasting Glass

As always, all of my tastings are performed using the Glencairn glass, which is a crystal whiskey glass shaped like a traditional nosing copitas used in Scotland. It definitely helps direct the aroma up and out of the bowl. If you don’t have one of these, I highly recommend getting some kind copita nosing glass, or cognac snifter.

I did a side by side tasting of Gran Centenario Leyenda this weekend using 2 different glasses. First my Nambe Title Old-Fashioned glasses, and the Glencairn. The difference in the nose really blew me away. Not that the Nambe glasses aren’t great whiskey glasses, but I would never use them for tasting tequila again.


Normally I try to describe the production process, and any unique details I can find out about the maker. Honestly, after searching for as long as I did, I just gave up, which I’m not excited about for this tequila review. If you happen to know the maker, or if you happen to BE the maker, I would love to learn more.


Dos Artes Tequila Extra Anejo Color

Dos Artes Extra Anejo is a beautiful golden color, almost like pure gold. Unlike many extra anejos that turn pale under direct light, this tequila maintains its rich, dark color. I tried to capture this with my cell phone camera the best I could, but the photo doesn’t do it much justice. If you click on the thumbnail to the left, it will enlarge significantly.


The nose on this tequila is a unique mix of toasted agave, oak, and additional floral aroma of grass. It is spicy, but there is ZERO alcohol burn even when inhaling deeply within the crown of the glass.

Dos Artes Tequila Extra Anejo Bottle BackTaste

This tequila caused a mild tingle on the front of my tongue and a tiny bit on my lips. The initial taste is a velvety smooth, floral agave. I’m absolutely fascinated that agave is already the star of this tequila, with just the faintest hint of oak thus far. There is also a tangible sweetness that I wouldn’t call vanilla, because it is more honey like.

At the mid palate, the agave flavor continues to intensify while pepper notes appear.

The finish of Dos Artes Reserva is dry, with intensifying pepper, backed by an agave flavor that never seems to dissipate. This tequila seems to coat the tongue with its flavor profile, which leads me to after taste.

I usually don’t talk much about after taste, but this tequila warrants it! I decided to put the glass down and wait for a while, and was blown away by the long, and enjoyable the after taste of this tequila left behind. Several minutes after my last drink, there is a tangible agave flavor left on the mid palate, and a sweet, dry hint of brown sugar on the finish. AMAZING!

Final Impressions

Dos Artes Reserva Especial Extra Anejo is an excellent expression of extra anejo tequila. It melds classic agave with complex sweetness, and a touch of fire. It is incredibly smooth, while still giving that classic tequila warming sensation. The aftertaste is incredibly pleasurable and long lasting.

This tequila could be enjoyed with a subtle diner, perhaps with a white fish, a desert, or even with a cigar. Honestly though, I wouldn’t want to interfere with the enjoyable flavors of this tequila, and will choose to enjoy it neat, by itself.

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  1. Julie Licklider
    July 6, 2018 at 3:50 pm

    I tried this tequila for the first time last week . The best I have had in the price range and may replace
    my current favorite. Salute

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