Caboholism – Unyielding Vacation Anticipation

Hello. My name is Steve Warshaw and I am a Caboholic, and I’m suffering from a severe case of Vacation Anticipation. It’s true. The website defines Caboholism as:

There is a place where the powerful waves of the Pacific OCean are calmed by the tranquil Sea of Cortez. The lashing of the set off a burst of mystical energy that touches the souls of all who set foot upon this place. It transforms ones worries and stress into happiness and joy. Filled with so much positive energy, one is compelled to vent goodness, kindness, and caring onto others. Those who are touched by this magic are never the same. The people, the place, and the feeling become a lifelong addiction with no cure.

Who am I to argue? I am smitten, there is nothing I can do about it, and nor do I want to. However, vacation anticipation is a problem for me, and I really need some help with coping skills. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. 

Vacation Anticipation and Why It’s Worse for Caboholics

Generally speaking, vacation anticipation is a good thing. There have been several studies about vacation anticipation that show the simple act of planning for vacation boosts happiness, elevates mood. In some cases, the planning stage of vacation anticipation elevated happiness more than the vacation itself.

But, for Caboholics like me, vacation anticipation can become debilitating. I’m well past the point of worrying about packing, that was done weeks ago. Child care, nope, not worried about that, the boys previous nanny is going to be looking after them, and house sitting too. I’ve had all of the medical waivers, home instructions, and power of attorney documents in place for ages.

This particular trip happens to be for my 40th birthday. We have rented Grand Solmar Room 2701, a gorgeous 4 bedroom penthouse with private pool and hottub. 14 of us will be traveling to Cabo, and given my nickname amongst the group is Cabo Steve, you might think I’d be worried about the vacation plans. That’s not it either; everyone has their plane tickets, I have their schedules, and Welcome Home Cabo has their Cabo Airport Transfer arranged. We are even arriving a day early in order to show up first thing on Saturday morning to lock down the floating week we have arranged in the 2 bedroom penthouse. Hopefully we can get 2601, but we’ll see. Regarding activities, you can check out my 40th Birthday in Cabo page.

Professional Dysfunction

This is easily the most difficult part of about Caboholism for me. My focus at work has been waning for at least the past 3 weeks. Now, with 10 days to go, I find myself drifting to the TripAdvisor Cabo forums, and various Facebook groups. I get up frequently and walk around to clear my head and attempt to focus, but it’s not working very well.

Usually, when I’m having a difficult day, or I don’t want to work, I look at some pictures or check out a video like this one of the surf in front of Grand Solmar, and that grounds me.

But I’m feeling ill equipped to cope when Cabo IS the distraction.

Something I find interesting; as the years go by, the symptoms appear to be getting worse, not better. For me, the magic of a place usually wears off over time. The days of me losing sleep because I’m going to Disney Land, or Hawaii are just about over. Don’t get me wrong, they are exciting places, but I’ve learned to cope with that excitement. The only two places in my life that I consistently get distracted over are Santa Barbara, and Cabo.

Regarding Social Dysfunction

First, I appologize to everyone whom I have annoyed by being so overboard. I realize that for the past month or so, I have continually talked how excited I am to see my friends in Mexico, and to have my friends and family along with me in my favorite place in the world. I have rambled on about the beauty of Grand Solmar, and how much fun my birthday party is going to be.

But like I said, the draw is unrelenting. Quoting again:

Only a true Caboholic can understand the feeling you get when you arrive at the airport in San Jose del Cabo!  Whether San Jose is your final destination or you’re going on to Cabo San Lucas, you are “home”.  It is magical, you’re living a dream! and there’s there’s nothing else that compares to it!  Once you’ve felt this, you do whatever it takes to feel it again and again and again!  You might even start planning your next visit even before you leave!

Before I leave? I already have 3 more trips planned before the end of this year!

I Need Your Help

I’m wondering, do you have vacation anticipation the way I do? If so, how do you deal with it? I’m looking forward to reading your comments!

  One Reply to “Caboholism – Unyielding Vacation Anticipation”

  1. Claudia Ellis
    April 5, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    It’s kinda strange how so many people feel the same way about Cabo ; going there, the anticipation of going there, the peaceful but exciting feeling of being there. There is definitely something magical and spiritual about the place. I especially feel that magic in the rocks and the beach and the the ocean on Solmar Beach and Pedregal Beach. A feeling comes over me there that I feel nowhere else and it grabs me gently but entirely every time I return. It consumes my entire being. The lifelong friends made there are so special. We only get to go once a year but we’re there for the entire month of January every year so we feel blessed and so fortunate. I look forward to our annual trip all year long. I suggest that you just enjoy and savor that anticipation – let it all soak in and take you over. Embrace the joy of sharing your feelings with others as you try to describe it to them. As for not being able to focus at work…..we’ll that’s just a symptom of the disease that’s difficult to handle, and with no cure it makes it even more difficult. Be strong. This too shall pass and in a few weeks you will be boarding that plane and then landing at the Cabo Airport and then there you will be – emerged in the magic. Enjoy your anticipation Steve -.embrace it and stay strong!!

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