Cabo Restaurant Review: Mi Casa

This year, we decided to try something different for Christmas. For our 8 year old twin boys, Santa has started to loose some of his luster, so we decided let’s take them to Mexico and see how our friends celebrate Christmas in Cabo. After traveling all day, and a lovely ride provided by Welcome Home Cabo, we were hungry and didn’t feel like cooking. So we decided to go with Sammy and little Sammy to Mi Casa

The Restaurant: Whats Old is New

We haven’t been to Mi Casa in at least 5 years, certainly before Odile. When we walked in there were two things that struck me immediately that I didn’t remember. First, Mi Casa is HUGE, and that’s a good thing. We really enjoy the decorations and the fact that you can get a table just about any night without a reservation. Second, the place is electric. When we arrived it wasn’t packed, but it was busy. There were musicians, and entertainers dotted throughout the restaurant. Maybe I’m getting old, nut I didn’t remember it this way. In any case, this was a wonderful choice for our kids as they got to sing along, watch a show, get balloon hats, and the staff was so nice to them.


The Ambiance

Maybe it was the beers Sammy gave us on the way in, maybe it was the margaritas we ordered once we sat down, or maybe this place was just super fun. This guy came to the table and made balloon has. He had this bird that would pick what kind of hat  to make by choosing a door in his bird house. It was fun to watch and my son was super engaged. He must have spent at least 8 to 10 minutes with us. We also had a trio of guitarists play a couple of songs. My son even got to make a request!


I’ll say this as well. As busy as it was there, the restaurant, and the bathrooms were quite clean. The only disappointment, if you could call it that, was the water pressure in the bathroom sinks was almost 0. Fortunately we always bring hand wipes so it was really no big deal.


The Service

Our waiter and his bus staff were excellent. Our margaritas weren’t empty for long, water glasses were filled promptly, and we didn’t wait long for our food. Given this was one of he busiest weeks of the year, I was very impressed. We sat right next to the bar, so it was fun talking about margarita recipes and my favorite tequilas with the bar tenders. All of our food came out together, and several people helped drop plates at the same time. Again, I was pretty surprised given this is a pretty casual restaurant. All of our orders were prepared correctly, the food was hot, so far so good.


The Food

I ordered the carnitas michoacan. The carnitas were flavorful, and has the perfect amount of crispy carmelization. I usually order this dish here in Washington state at our favorite Mexican food restaurant, El Tapatio! I asked for a more spicy salsa, and they brought out several different salsas, all of which were decent, but nothing to write home about. The corn tortillas were clearly made fresh in house which is always a plus. As always, the guacamole was perfect; I don’t know how they do this in Cabo. I make guacamole at home a couple of time per month, and I’m not able to achieve the level of consistency most restaurants in Cabo achieve.


Those of you who eat Mexican with me know that I’m a pico de gallo snob. It’s the first thing I order at a new Mexican restaurant, and I can tell right away if the pico is good, the rest of the food will be good. The pico de gallo was properly seasoned and had the right amount of bite.


Honestly, I was starving, so I really didnt pay much attention to what everyone else ordered. What I do know is that my sons plate was spotless, and that almost never happens!


My Rating and Recommendation

Mi Casa is a fun, clean restaurant that is family appropriate, and the food is good, but not spectacular. The service staff was wonderful, and we really enjoyed the margaritas. It isn’t a place I would go on a date night however. For a fun family night out at OK prices, Mi Casa is an excellent choice!

Vacation Rentals Available in Cabo

As always, if you would like to come to Cabo, I work with a large group of owners who want to rent out their weeks. Please find me at VivaLosCabos on Facebook.


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