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2701-view from 2nd king room

Grand Solmar 2701: The Ultimate 4 Bedroom Penthouse in Cabo San Lucas

If you looking for the ultimate in location, view, and luxury in Cabo San Lucas, then Grand Solmar 2701, a 4 bedroom penthouse on the shores of the Pacific Ocean is your spot. This immense, top floor unit has sweeping view of the Pacific, from Pedregal to Lands End, as well as incredible views of Grand Solmar itself. With a vast array of amenities,… Read more →

My Cabo Life in Pictures

8 Sleeps. Well, let me be real, 7 sleeps and 1 pretend sleep. That’s what I have to survive before my beautiful wife and I head to the airport for our trip to Cabo. Usually this is such  an exciting time that I’m “jacked” to the moon, and super excited. This trip is different for me. I have been excited… Read more →